Staff Candidates

Move KPFT Forward is proudly endorsing the following candidates for the current Delegate/Local Station Board elections. Each of these candidates has pledged to help KPFT move forward in a positive way, to help with fundraising and outreach to get new listeners, and to stand up to the bullying and harassment that has unfortunately been prevalent on our LSB in recent years and harmed our station so much.

Listener members may vote for listener candidates, and Staff members (both paid and volunteer) may only vote for staff candidates. Your ballot will have only the candidates for whom you may vote.

If you are a staff member, please vote for all of our 3 staff candidates! In any order you wish on your ballot – don’t vote for just your top one or two candidates, vote for all 3!

They are listed below in alphabetical order. All are volunteer, unpaid staff members. Click on each candidate’s name for more information.

Staff Candidates:

In addition, one of the other staff candidates would also be an excellent board member, but she has said she does not want any formal endorsements as she wants to be independent. So we are not listing her here.

If you are a KPFT listener member (not staff), you can only vote for listener representative candidates. See our recommended listener candidates page.