Our Candidates – Summer/Fall 2019 Elections

We endorse the following candidates for the summer-fall 2019 KPFT LSB Delegate/LSB elections. They are listed in alphabetical order. Please rank ALL of them for whom you are eligible to vote (listener or staff), in any order you wish. It is important to rank each of the candidates, not just your top one or two or three choices.

Listener Representative Candidates:

Richard Corl

Rhonda Garner

Raka B Ghosh

Patrick Hoyt

Tim Hughes

Stephen Little

Paula Miller

Matthew Moore

Rick Potthoff

Deborah Shafto

Richard Uzzell

Vaniecia Williams

Marianne Martinez

Staff Representative Candidates:

Lilian Care

Wally James

Mike Lewis

Sandy Weinmann

Learn more about the candidates we recommend:

Watch the official KPFT LSB listener candidate video forums/debates (now on YouTube), in which five of our candidates participated (others were not able to do so on the date these were recorded):

How to vote?

The deadline for voting in this election is Tuesday, October 15, at 11 pm CST.

If KPFT has your e-mail address, you will get weekly e-mails sent from “Pacifica Foundation <vote@simplyvoting.com>” with a subject line that starts with “2019 Pacifica Station Elections – KPFT”. The first was sent on August 15. So look for one of those e-mails. It will have your online voting credentials.

If KPFT does not have your e-mail address, you should receive an envelope with a paper ballot during the last half of August.

You can vote online. Use the Elector ID and password at the top of your paper ballot, or use that ID and password if they were e-mailed to you. In either case, go to pacifica.simplyvoting.com to enter that ID and password, and to access your online ballot.

Be sure to click on the Confirm or Submit button after you rank all of our candidates, so your votes will be counted!

Didn’t get a ballot?

Look in your e-mail for a message from Pacifica Foundation,  vote@simplyvoting.com, with instructions on voting online. E-mail reminders are being sent weekly, if KPFT has your correct e-mail address. Otherwise, you should receive a paper ballot during the last half of August. If you do not get either a paper or electronic ballot by Sep. 1, please fill out this ballot request form today and provide all needed information – and be sure to click on the Submit button at the bottom: goo.gl/forms/BvfLLCrl4DnnB0pD3  You should immediately get an e-mail confirmation of your request, but it may take up to two weeks to get your membership verified and for you to get a ballot.

If you donated at least $25 to KPFT during the period July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019, then you are a member eligible to vote in these KPFT elections, and should receive a ballot. If two people in your family jointly donated at least $50 during that year, then you should receive two ballots. So fill out the above form if you did not get your ballot (or both ballots if there are two of you).

Our National Election Supervisor has asked us to be patient on replacement ballot requests, especially if they have to look up donation records. She also asked not to submit two requests. But don’t wait until the last minute to request a ballot, as your ballot must be received by October 15 to be counted!

And thanks for supporting KPFT, our station for peace, justice, and independent voices and music!

Move KPFT Forward endorsers:

The following are some of the many people who are endorsing our candidates.

  • Wally James – “The Progressive Forum”
  • Lee Loe – “Mother of the Houston peace movement”
  • Genie Mims and Anne Paget – “Down Home Blues”
  • Lilian Care – “The Progressive Forum”
  • James & Colleen Nagel, The Blues Hound and Baby Girl – “Howlin’ the Blues”
  • Dr. Bob Sanborn – “Growing Up in America”
  • Nancy McAfee “Blues on the Move” and “Roots Radio”
  • Nuri Nuri “Blues Brunch”
  • Ernesto Aguilar – former KPFT Program Director
  • Alberto Luera – The Worker Center
  • Rosalia Guerrero – 3rd Ward activist, Health Care for All Texas